Daniels 7-12-14

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My first attempts at photography while flying…

There’ s an old flying maxim:

1) Aviate

2) Navigate

3) Communicate

It is probably no accident that photography is not on the list!

DSC01297 DSC01289 DSC01271 DSC01267 DSC01257 DSC01212 DSC01195 DSC01193 DSC01190 DSC01187 DSC01184 DSC01163 DSC01160 DSC01158 DSC01157 DSC01154 DSC01149 DSC01148 DSC01147 DSC01121 DSC01117 DSC01101 DSC01098 DSC01087 DSC01081 DSC01079

Paraglider Flight – Daniels Launch

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Daniels 6-1-14 from Bud Branch on Vimeo.

Taos Mesa Brewing Co.

Posted in 5DMII, Architectural, Camera-On-A-Stick on May 20, 2014 by budbranch

Pole-cam  shot from last yearTaos Mesa Brewing


Posted in 5DMII, Available Light on April 27, 2014 by budbranch

Beleza Beleza Beleza Beleza

Edith’s Gap Launch

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Edith's Gap





Air Raid Juggling Club Session

Posted in Available Light, HDR, Long exposures, Sony RX100-II on March 30, 2014 by budbranch

jugglingjuggling juggling jugglingd juggling juggling juggling juggling juggling juggling juggling juggling

Santa Barbara, CA

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paragliderparagliding paragliding paragliding paragliding Old Truck Old Truck

paraglider paraglider
paraglider paraglider paraglider paraglider paraglider
IMG_9932Sunset Pier Passenger Train Sunset HDR DSC07275 DSC07259


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