Nice Moon compositions are possible at dawn or dusk – other times it is just too bright (it’s like trying to image a headlight at night).  The first one of these is an exception: it was rising in the east an hour after sunset, but there were clouds that dimmed it and provided a light, even background.  All these were all shot at 200mm off a tripod.  I took a lot of  care with focus and took measures to eliminate camera-shake.   The images were all cropped-in severely to achieve the “big Moon” composition (see the last frame).   And note that I made over 70 frames in order to collect a few “keepers”. -BBMoonriseMoonsetMoonsetLightroom 4 Catalog - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Develop_2013-03-30_08-48-00

One Response to “Moonset/Moonrise”

  1. Miller, Margaret (mam5mc) Says:

    These are wonderful, Bud. Here’s a similar image I took in India. You did it with skill; mine just took luck.


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