The Charlottesville Coal Tower

CoalTower from Bud Branch on Vimeo.


This is an informative article, especially the last paragraph, which explains the spiral sculpture at the top.  And that is me on the banjo – too peppy for such a forlorn subject?

4 Responses to “The Charlottesville Coal Tower”

  1. egercke Says:

    I like the banjo with it. Reminiscent of the region which is the source of all that coal. Reading the article now though, which is edifying. What a calm day you had to film! Great camera work.

  2. dianne murray Says:

    Very, very cool. E.

  3. Diane Grubbs Says:

    Oh I love that banjo and thought the comment about it being good because of coal area was very good. Dumb me, but where is story of coal tower? Diane

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