Super Blood Lunar Eclipse

300mm full manual off a tripod. Basic Moon photos are always tough, since the Moon is MOVING, and it is so bright compared to the background. Eclipse photos add the twist that the exposure changes drastically during the event, so you are constantly shooting brackets and evaluating. I used from ISO 100 to 3200, shutter from 1/125th to 2.25 second, and f/4.0 to f/5.6. I was interested in capturing some sharp stars and I found that with THIS lens on a non-tracking mount, *1* second was as long as I could go before the stars became little “-” marks… Also, by 10:15 MST, the darn moon was approximately 60 degrees above the horizon, so it was harder and harder to see the viewfinder and manage the camera. I ran out of head adjustment, and started shortening a tripod leg!

3 Responses to “Super Blood Lunar Eclipse”

  1. Lynn Ruger Says:

    Those are fabulous! It was hazy here, so the eclipse was visible thru thin clouds, but it was blurred….Thanks for sharing these fotos!! Lynn

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Gerald Sackett Says:

    Bud, I love your explorations! I once saw a lunar eclipse over the Nevada desert on a cold winter night in 1967. As it passed and returned to Full Bright Reflected Loght, every grain of sand held a bold black shadow…the contrasts were awesome! Thanks for sharing the moments and the details. Gerry

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