Secy of Interior designee Haaland Came to Taos!

I was in the right place at the right time last year to grab a selfie with Deb Haaland.  SO happy for her, and for our country.

4 Responses to “Secy of Interior designee Haaland Came to Taos!”

  1. kewl!

  2. Great choice

  3. Hey Bud! First, Happy Holidays to you and your family! I have been recieving All your fabulous posts for years now and want to say,,, “thank you”Always enjoyable, beautiful and interesting.And this photo speaks volumes about the life you’ve forged out there in Taos. Joe and Kamala, [and now Deb, and his entire cabinet] such a great turn of events and jeeze, not a minute too soon.DJT and his disgusting wrecking crew was driving this country over the cliff[preaching to the choir, I know]  But Covid be damned, at least thisgs are looking hopeful for 2021. Sending greetings and best wishes, and recalling our good brief times at Abrahamse and Co. long ago. Cheers,Roger  Roger Charles SherryLandscape Architect  Master Craftsman Principal, PlankRoad Studios llc  🌿434.244.0939 Website:

    • Great to hear from you Roger – thanks for appreciating these posts – it is good to know they matter! The graft has taken – we are well established up here in the high desert. If you come out west, look us up – I can show you Dennis Hopper’s gravesite! I’ll forward you our annual letter. Best optimistic wishes – BB

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