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Antares Launch Attempt : NASA Wallops

Posted in 5DMII, Long exposures, sky, Wallops Island on October 28, 2014 by budbranch

Monday’s launch attempt was scrubbed at the last minute due to a sailboat in the safety range area.  This first photo (5sec exposure) includes the International Space Station passing over the launch pad, minutes after the scrub – no accident, as orbital geometry and physics demand that Antares’ launch is perfectly coordinated with the ISS orbit.Wallops Antares Wallops Antares Wallops Antares Wallops Antares

Partial Solar Eclipse

Posted in 5DMII, Astrophotography on October 24, 2014 by budbranch

This was shot off a tripod at 200mm, with a 10-stop neutral-density filter taped on.  Live-View for focus, 10sec self timer.  1/8,000 f/11 ISO 100.


Sunspots are obvious, and a Blue Ridge cloud made an appearance. Partial Solar Eclipse

Fire Jam

Posted in 5DMII, Flash, Long exposures on October 12, 2014 by budbranch

Lunar Eclipse

Posted in 5DMII, Astrophotography, Available Light, Long exposures on October 9, 2014 by budbranch

Lunar eclipse Lunar eclipse

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