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Obligatory “Super” Moon Shot

Posted in Astrophotography, Canon 7D, sky with tags on November 19, 2016 by budbranch

img_8893I tried to use iPhone app Sky Guide to predict where the moon would rise on the horizon – it was off by 10 degrees or so…  We were set up behind Taos Mountain, so by the time the moon peeked over the mountain, the sky was really dark (which makes exposure tricky).   And boy, it REALLY rises fast (approximately one moon-diameter every two minutes).

This image: tripod, cable release 70-200 at 150mm, 1/100 sec f/10 ISO 200 extreme crop.

Taos Balloon Rally

Posted in Aerial, DJI Phantom 3 on November 12, 2016 by budbranch

Early morning eye-candy:
Taos Hot Air Balloon Rally

Taos Hot Air Balloon Rally

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