About Bud

Hi – thanks for visiting – your comments welcome!

I have been interested in photography since the Polaroid B&W days – I feel a little naked without a camera in my pocket or my car.  Also, my technical skills make me a natural in the DSLR and RC arena.  I try to photograph SOMETHING every day, and am always surprised at what  reveals itself.

I offer event, architectural, aerial, people photography, and tutoring – let’s talk!


7 Responses to “About Bud”

  1. Tom Goodrich Says:

    Hey Bud;
    Very cool blog; you have a great eye. Thanks for coming out last night. Fun to see you.
    Take care, Tom Goodrich

  2. Hi Bud. Do you shoot digital SLR? I’m looking for recommendations for camera and len(s). I am “okay” with a camera and lighting, and great at making up for weaknesses in Photoshop. Haven’t been in the arena for some time and now looking for good tips. Love your postings. Thanks, Jim

    • Thanks Jim. Yes, it is all digital. For camera/lens recommendation, I’d say stick with Canon. Assuming you are budget-constrained, (like most of us), start with a T2i or T3i, add a couple on EF lenses, and start shooting. It will probably be a couple of years before you touch bottom with these, at which point you can sell on Craigslist and upgrade. Please keep in touch! – BB

  3. Steve Rose Says:

    Wow- Great photos! Very muched enjoyed these shots! Keep clicking!

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