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The Arcane Ramblers in Arroyo Seco

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“Inbound – 3 minutes”

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I had gotten up early to make breakfast for camping guests when I got this text from my my pilot friend Chris – he wanted me to try to make a photo of his ultralight, composed with the Moon (clear morning, Moon high…). So I did:

The Arcane Ramblers: Busking

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International Space Station Passes Over New Mexico At Dusk

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The International Space Station passed over us yesterday evening, very bright. I used the native intervalometer in the Sony A7III to robotically make 50 30-sec exposures, while we watched from the hot tub. I merged the 50 into one using StarStax, and included a single 30sec frame here, for reference.

I use an app on my phone to notify me when the ISS due to make a visible pass. It is always at dusk or sunrise, (since it is lit by sunlight only), and often predicted to be dim, or low, or the skies are cloudy, but sometimes everything lines up for a good view! This session also captured the rotation of the star field around the northern axis of the sky.

Looking forward to the Lyrid meteors later this month!

I registered my first voter today!! #RegisteredAndReady

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A Teeny Taurid Meteor

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Top right quadrant Orion. Top center red giant Betelgeuse. Left center Sirius (brightest star in the sky).  Between Orion’s belt and Sirius, a tiny meteor.


Star trails:StarStaX_IMG_3783-IMG_4129_gap_filling-2StarStaX_IMG_3783-IMG_4129_gap_filling

Sun Composites

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Sun Composite

23 exposures taken at 2 minute intervals

Sun composite

14 exposures taken at 3 minute intervals



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Unusual moonset this morning in Taos Canyon: the sunrise was so pink-intense, it went beyond the western horizon…

Canon 7D 70-200 at 150mm, 1/800 sec f/8 ISO 3200


My Show is UP!

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img_9047Online version is here: browse for prints and downloads!

Not Holding Anything Back!

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Busking, Taos-style!dsc03072

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