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Wide-Angle Jamming

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Camera Chaos


FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery

Thank you FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery for hosting a nice acoustic jam!

All Gopro, All the Time

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Julie and I drove to Durango for some Cowboy Poetry, and took in the Million Dollar Highway too…


Taos Farmer’s Market

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We Went To Riverton Wyoming For the Total Solar Eclipse Experience!

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Julie and I drove up through Colorado to stay in Riverton Wyoming the weekend before the eclipse.  On the way we encountered a brushfire that stopped traffic for a couple of hours:


IMG_0566IMG_0542IMG_0461Once checked into our hotel, we explored the area, looking for high ground near the centerline of the eclipse track.  Here is a time-lapse movie of a drive we took up to Thermopolis – really beautiful land:

Later that evening, we backtracked to some beautiful painted rock formations – I used the drone to make some photos:



Monday morning we checked out early and headed to our spot on a plateau in the Wind River Reservation.  Car-campers had stayed there overnight, so we took up a position behind them, in the road.  We were quickly joined by many cars and RVs – we had picked  a popular place!


DSC05144C:DCIM100GOPROGOPR0662.GPRWe set up cameras and I picked a little mandolin to pass the time – a really nice morning…

First contact was 10:20 or so – I started one camera shooting exposures at 3 minute intervals.  Everyone on the site was using eclipse glasses:

DSC05140DSC05142DSC05128-EditI clamped a GoPro to the rear hatch and made a time lapse video of our doings as totality approached, and after – here it is (totality happens about 9 seconds in…):

Here is a still photo I  made during totality:


I sent the drone up a couple of minutes before totality, and parked it at 400′.  I hoped to see the shadow race through, but high cirrus clouds, and the fact that the edge of the shadow is not razor sharp meant that the event is kinda subtle.  But the 360 degree sunset phenomenon is pretty cool, and it DOES get very dark!

We folded up our tripods at about 1PM and headed south, but ran into epic traffic getting out of Wyoming:


This is a composite image of 3 minute interval shots (58), and one shot of totality:

We went to a lot of trouble to witness 140 seconds of total solar eclipse, but it was totally worth it.  Photos do NOT do it justice.  There is something indescribably intense about it – I hope you witness it.  Thanks for reading – more star-related photography here.

East Coast Friends Visited! Yay!

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Sweet Selfie

Gopro Fun:

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Gopro Hero5:

Extreme wide angle, very portable, creates “raw” files for maximum adjustability – I love this little camera.  Also, time-lapse video is is a nice feature:

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Shooting My Way Through July….

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Lilly and Julie and me

Lilly and Julie and me

Chokola Bean to Bar

Chokola Bean to Bar

Lawn ornament

Lawn ornament

Neighbor Chris

Neighbor Chris

West Rim sunset

West Rim sunset

Overcast sun at 10:30AM

10-stop ND filter, 1/2500th f/7.1 ISO 100

Lilly notices a hummingbird

Lilly notices a hummingbird

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