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Watercolor Effect

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Experimenting with transformation of clean digital photos into pseudo-watercolor using Photoshop filters and layers.

Elizabethtown NM

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The remains of a gold mining town founded in 1866…

Lilly and Randy and Me

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New Year’s Photos

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As always, wall art can be yours:

Taos NYE fireworks

Taos NYE fireworks

Taos NYE fireworks

Taos NYE fireworks

Star trails during Bootids meteor shower

8-second exposure using very stable drone

8-second exposure using very stable drone

The Grand Conjunction

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Well, that was fun!

We’ve been watching Jupiter and Saturn ease closer for months.  Knowing that this was a once in a lifetime thing, I studied up and practiced a little.  In the final analysis I think it boils down to 1) stabilizing the camera, 2) focusing carefully and, 3) taking LOTS of frames of varying exposures.



This was an early test – no detail in Saturn or Jupiter

Another test from the deck, as it set over the Canyon

My best effort from 12/21, includes Saturn’s moon Titan…

Once the shooting was over, we made a group Conjunction photo before it set…

Secy of Interior designee Haaland Came to Taos!

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I was in the right place at the right time last year to grab a selfie with Deb Haaland.  SO happy for her, and for our country.

Geminid Meteors

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The Geminid meteor shower peaked early Monday morning. This is a composite of 26 images that highlights the phenomenon of the “radiant”.
Very top center are Castor and Pollux, the heads of the Twins: Gemini. Notice all 26 meteors (except one) “point” to constellation Gemini. The renegade is blue-green, non-Geminid random meteor, and beautiful.
Mars at the bottom, Orion top left, Pleiades near center.
It was COLD. I wrapped a hat around the camera, and left it with a hand warmer!  I used the camera’s self-timer to delay the start of automated exposures until 1AM, then it made 800 30-second exposures before it ran out of battery.  Then it was a matter of reviewing each frame and selecting the ones with juicy meteors, then some Photoshop.  Thanks for digging it.

Taos Plaza

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Self-timer, pre-focused, camera  on  sidewalk.

Taiban Presbyterian Church

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