The VLA at Magdalena, NM

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I Hung Some New Prints at The Spot!

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Stop by The Coffee Spot and check them out! (the are cat photos too!)IMG_5407Spot event image

Lunar Eclipse 1/31/18

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Tripod, 200mm, manual focus, mirror lockup, self timer.  REAL COLD!

Another Taurid Meteor

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Note that the stars are visible right down to the horizon…

A Teeny Taurid Meteor

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Top right quadrant Orion. Top center red giant Betelgeuse. Left center Sirius (brightest star in the sky).  Between Orion’s belt and Sirius, a tiny meteor.


Star trails:StarStaX_IMG_3783-IMG_4129_gap_filling-2StarStaX_IMG_3783-IMG_4129_gap_filling

Another Satellite Glint

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This a 40 second exposure. I had 5 minutes of warning to set up, before this Iridium satellite crossed over. I use “Sky Guide” on my iPhone.

Wide-Angle Jamming

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Camera Chaos


FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery

Thank you FaraHNHeight Fine Art Gallery for hosting a nice acoustic jam!

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